What to do on holiday in Sicily? Here’s what could be a typical day

First of all welcome to Le Ancore™, you booked an apartment on the beach and you are happy with how you found it, just like the pictures on the web.

If you still don’t know what to do on holiday in Sicily, we see how you could go any day of your next summer.

In the morning

You woke up after a nice night, refreshed for avoiding the trouble of having to fill the car with the usual lot of things, since for the most part we will provide us. Just open the window, get hit by light of Sicily, the air and the sound of the sea they give you good morning.

Beach package-AnchorsWould you like to go right on the beach? No, better to have breakfast with slush and cream at the great bar in 5 minutes away. Now, that’s better, we wanted! You can stroll unhurriedly towards the sea, you already know that you won’t find the crowd you’ve seen elsewhere in Italy. Here you do not need to arrive early to reserve you your little patch of sand.

After some morning sun and play some games with the kids, are you all ready for the moment awaited by the whole family: the swim in the sea. Get the water nice, the fish come to swim between the feet and the little ones have fun. The setting is beautiful, you turn to the left and see the Church of Tindari, right on the promontory of Milazzo, the Aeolian Islands and behind thee, mountains in the distance.


If you have no idea what to do on holiday in Sicily, know that a part will be devoted to eating foods that are delicious, so will end the morning before going out to do some shopping. Today you have planned a barbecue and go and stock up on fish and vegetables at the supermarket next door. You are very pleased with the quality of the products purchased, shortly after you are already grappling with the ignition of the charcoal and the whole family participates in the event.

The afternoon

archaeological area tindari
The Greek Theatre of Tindari

After a rich and tasty lunch, perhaps following one of the recipes that we recommend, you can relax by taking the cool veranda or deciding to go and visit the Archaeological Park of Tindari, a place that fascinates both young and old. You can tell your kids ancient history, showing him what remains of that past. They will learn while having fun and will remain in their memories forever.

end of trail Venus pool
The pool of Venus

Alternatively you can go to another place that refers to the past, making you have fun in the present: the Venus pool it is a small Cove that due to its design, allows the water to reach temperatures above normal. The place is very impressive, especially because in addition to the natural beauty, is located opposite the island of Vulcano, the mythological husband of Venus. Here’s what to do on holiday in Sicily: fantasize about myths and legends, getting lost in a patchwork of past, present and timeless dimensions.

In the evening

Bougainville-Lido Le AncoreBack from hiking, enjoying the convenience of being able to park a couple of meters from the apartment, you can focus on how to spoil your family. You can get them to eat a wonderful dinner in one of the many clubs or causing them to entertain in a frame. If you prefer something less intimate, you can enjoy the pleasant movida of Milazzo, always full of proposals.

In the night

Beach games for kids-the anchorsThis is one of the best moments because from our apartments you can get lulled by the murmur of the waves, or stroll on the sand and enjoy the view. If the night breeze is not enough, you will find a welcome respite with air conditioner.*

Holidays for the whole family

You can enjoy these and many other experiences during your stay in the anchors, relying on the security of a facility completely dedicated to hospitality.

If you’d like to put into practice what we suggested what to do on vacation in Sicily, you just have to book a stay in Le Ancore™ – the House for your holidays in Sicily.

* Take in Carma 1, Carma 4

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