From October we adopt flexible rules of reservation

Le Ancore promotes a new policy on reservation rules. We are attentive to the trends of the tourism industry and our region in particular. After analyzing the demands of our customers, we decided to adopt more flexible rules for appointments.

News about reservations, costs and cancelling the anchors

After careful reading of the report on the development of tourism, anchors 2017 complies with demands for more flexibility that customers increasingly demand. So, from October we adopt flexible rules of reservation.

Report on tourism 2017

We are present on the main tourism portals, each of these has rules on the reservation policy. Since these are different from each other, we cannot grant the same treatment to all. You will find the differences between Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Booking, holiday homes, Rentalia, etc *. These differences are not wanted by us but by their platforms.


These are the news, obviously are subject to availability of tourism portal to satisfy our demands:

  • You can book your next stay with only one day in advance.
  • Check in any day of the week.
  • No limitation on length of stay.
  • Check-in and check-out times are flexible (if possible).

We adopt flexible rules of reservation


In respect to our habit of making the clearest possible rates, we decided to include in the cost all additional charges. Will no longer add the cleaning fee, taxes and linen. Remains a plus for “beachfront”.

All that is inherent in the apartment, will be counted in the rate base. The price mentioned in the booking form, will actually be what you pay, with no surprises or additions.

Cancellation reservations


It is always unpleasant receive cancellations, previously was a penalty for those received after three weeks before check in. We are pleased to announce that we have reduced a week after the check in the window to apply a penalty.

The cancellation fee is approximately 10% of the estimated cost for the stay. The value is subject to change depending on the provisions of the various portals. Anyway we will adopt the terms of cancellation are considered “flexible”.

From October we adopt flexible rules of reservation, we modify the costs and rules for cancellations. Everything to facilitate your stay, making it less rigid regulation. We are waiting for you!

Remains simply linked to signing up for our newsletter. As a thank you receive €50 discount on your booking to the anchors, the House for your holidays in Sicily.

* The links for convenience only refer to apartment Carma1, for everyone else the same rules apply.

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