The fall season is open and full of exciting opportunities

Le Ancore do not close with the end of the summer, the fall season is open and has many advantages. We discover what.

Cheaper fares and easy booking

As previously announced, from 1 October you can stay without restrictions or limitations of presentation duration of booking. You can book any day and with little advance (give us the reasonable time to prepare the apartments).
From October you will find low rates and calculated by days, not weeks. Will be more beneficial for example, book a weekend or a holiday with duration of 7 days.

The climate is comfortable even in autumn

Summer is a geographical and climatic Convention but as far as Sicily, the opportunity to spend sunny days at the beach doesn’t end until September. The temperatures allow you to enjoy the summer with a few more weeks than many other areas of Europe and Italy.
Typically the fall long in coming to us anyway, even in the season, allows you to enjoy beautiful bright and sunny days. Forget the mist!

Tindri in autumn
The Greek Theatre of Tindari

Autumn tourism

The fall season is open not only to the anchors but also for attractions that characterize our region. You will be offered the same opportunities but with far less queue to do. Visit the archaeological site of Tindari or maybe moving a bit, to Syracuse, provides unique experiences. You can combine the pleasure of finding yourself in places of historical interest, with more intimate and friendly atmosphere for meditation.

Stockfish alla messinese
Stockfish alla messinese

Clubs and restaurants in autumn

Only part of the restaurants is open only in the summer season, Sicily is a region reveller and alive, you will find bars open all year. Of course, it is best to inquire before but we like to go out to eat and we always have the opportunity to do so. Quality is more sophisticated, the service is usually better. You can taste the flavors of autumn as the driven off Sicily, Esplanade of Strigoli or stockfish alla messinese, just to name a few.

So why not enjoy a lovely holiday in autumn?

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