Summer 2020 the safe holiday home for families

Le Ancore™ has always paid particular attention to families. After the lockdown for the Covid-19 emergency, new rules have been decided to apply for the safety of guests, which are not new to us: sufficient space, hygiene, sanitation. To this we add: safety, fun and comfort.

We take guest safety very seriously, we have covered it many times in our articles. From a long tradition we have adopted every useful solution to make our holiday home safe for families. Here is a summary of how we will proceed in 2020.

Enough space for everyone

Terraces, verandas and gardens are large enough to guarantee 10 square meters per household, as required by WHO. The indication concerns the external areas dedicated to each apartment. The interiors are more spacious and equipped with an air conditioning system (whose filters are sanitized) which allow an effective air filtering system, as well as granting optimal environmental wellness.

The beach, our pride, is not subject to gatherings even in high season. You will have the necessary space to avoid coming into contact with unknown people. On request you will have the “beach package” which includes sun beds and umbrella for more comfortable fun.

Hygiene and health

Each guest will find the apartments clean and sanitized. Specifically, we use steam and an aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite for fabrics and furnishings, alcoholic solution for smooth surfaces and kitchen. We put into practice the provisions of the WHO which coincides with what we have always done in the past to ensure a safe holiday home for families.

Cleaning during the stay is understood to be managed directly by guests, providing them with the necessary material. Before the new family arrives, we will perform cleaning and sanitization to make you find a welcoming and safe environment.

Adequate health care

The nearby Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto hospital during the Covid-19 emergency took on a role of primary importance for Province of Messina. Even if there are problems, we are well assisted.

Prepared services, equipped structures, trained staff and nothing left to chance. We can say we are lucky.

Summer 2020 in Le Ancore ™

Le Ancore™ is still the safe holiday home for families, as it has been since the the beginning of our business where our guests and their families have always enjoyed it, the many positive reviews and the demonstrations of appreciation are proof of this.

In 2020 we are confident that we can spend another pleasant summer with you all by the sea, without too many thoughts and finally free to be outdoors.

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Author: Le Ancore

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