Discover the Venus pool in Milazzo

On the peninsula of Milazzo, exists a magical place indeed. Along the coast there is a Cove protected from the sea. A small basin of shallow water and due to the Sun’s rays reach a pleasant temperature.

The discovery of this wonder of the Mediterranean gives you the possibility to get in touch with the history and traditions of Sicily.

One of the benefits of staying at Le Ancore is to visit the surrounding area, rich in natural beauty and fascinating history that preserve.

The beginning of the path to the Venus pool

You arrive by car to the village of Sant’Antonino in Milazzo, here there is a convenient parking lot. We recommend not to arrive too late because as far as offers many stalls, are not infinite and in late morning hardly an empty seat.

Map pool of Venus

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Walk you have to head to via Sant’Antonio, is a pedestrian street closed to vehicles by a bar. Don’t miss the signs to get to the pool of Venus. The path is lined with prickly pear and at the bottom you can see the lighthouse of Milazzo.

Right next to the lighthouse, take left through a wonderful olive grove with some fig tree and capers, plus the ubiquitous prickly pear. The path of a few bars where the more tested by the climate will find refreshment.

The descent towards the sea

Once past the olive grove the path starts to descend. It is easy to follow because well paved and our destination is always well marked by signs. They are not particularly steep or demanding traits except the last meters before the sea. The route is feasible even for children, the total route lasts less than 30 minutes.

trail to the Venus pool

Given that we are at the top of the promontory surrounded by cliffs, it is essential to keep tabs on the children. The trail is not in danger, as long as you follow you are absolutely safe but the area obviously has potential risks. You cannot take the path with the stroller but I can assure you from personal experience, that is feasible facing the whole walk with a child in her arms.

Arriving at Venus pool

The trail stops just a few metres from the sea, the last travel of tackles hopping onto the rocks but it is a simple exercise and affordable for all able bodied. Finally arrived to water you can enjoy a magnificent panorama, being able to see all the Gulf up to Tindari. North Sea horizon dish is enriched by the profile of the Aeolian Islands, especially from the volcano.

Piscina di Venere

There is a shallow and calm water because the Cove is protected from the waves. The temperature is pleasant even in summer months. Here you can swim since April and until October even the least courageous.

end of trail Venus pool

Spend a day relaxing is a fortune that is gained by a short walk. There are small beaches but you can take advantage of the stumbling blocks to rest.

The return

To return to the car park you have to follow the same path, this time uphill but also not too much fatigue in this verse. After a few minutes you can conclude the tour and get to the parking lot of Saint Antoninus and maybe visit the nearby Milazzo.

Cliff pool of Venus

The pool dedicated to Venus, looks directly at the island of Vulcano, this dedicated to the God of the Greek tradition. Vulcan was Venus’s husband, in Milazzo this legend still lives, and the two of you are in the same places for thousands of years, although only as place names.

Panorama piscina di venere

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