Some guide suggestions to discover the culture and the way of live ".

Sicily is a land rich in history, traditions and culture. The entire region has thousands of years of past everyone in the show but this is no exception. The way of life is unique, different from what you may come across anywhere else. Traditions mingle with modernity, the chaos of the agenda, we welcome everyone and everything, this is the summary of the way of live.

Sicily is rich in contrasts, you can discover them just coming to visit us. Check out what's inside the city, some pictures and tips to enjoy your holiday.

No matter what kind of person you are, here you will definitely find something you'll like.

Plan a trip is a wise habit, decide in advance where to go or what to see is a good practice, before leaving we suggest contacting the referents of the places you want to visit (when possible), this avoids the unpleasant surprise of finding them closed.

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