Le Ancore holiday home

The ideal choice for those seeking the comfort of an apartment and the freedom to live the beach.

Apartments on the beach - Le Ancore

Le Ancore, the houses for your holidays in Sicily

We provide our guests with bright, comfortable and well-equipped apartments. We know that you will have read this offer many times, but if you have the patience to continue, you will find that it is all true of us.

Le Ancore holiday home

Le Ancore Holiday House

Our is a facility that has several solutions to accommodate families from 4 to 6 people. We have two types of apartments: two-roomed and three-roomed. Both have modern and full kitchen with appliances, one double bedroom (if required with a cot), ceiling fans, TV and parking space.

The accommodation is called “Carma” for the initials of the owners: Carmen and Marianna. We will have Carma 1, Carma 2 and so on. You can choose the apartment that best suits your needs, just read the features on the relative or bookings pages.

In the apartments you will find all the amenities you will need for a relaxing stay, avoiding having to fill your car with too many luggage. You can park in reserved places just a few meters from the entrance.

The beach

The apartments of Le Ancore holiday home are located on the beach of the Gulf of Patti, between Capo Tindari and Capo Milazzo. The area is recognized by the Sicily Region as one of the best beaches for children. Access to the beach is always available, directly from Le Ancore. Nearby there are bathing establishments but in the stretch in front of our apartments, the beach is free.

Given its extension, it is usually not very crowded. This particular provides an extra degree of safety for children, as it is difficult for them to get lost or out of the visual field of their parents.Beach games

The Gulf of Patti is home to very different beaches, just a 15 minute walk to a special beach, where water is always quiet even when it can be stirred elsewhere. Every day in the summer we can guarantee a quiet sea where to swim with children.

Both from the apartments and from the beach, you will always enjoy the panorama of the Aeolian Islands.

Children and families

Just about children and families we concentrated our attention by equipping our apartments with their dedicated furnishings. You will find highchairs, loungers, cutlery and tableware in safe materials even for toddlers.

Set of cutlery for children
Set of cutlery for children

The structure is completely worn to increase the child’s safety. Access to the sea is direct and always available.

Entrance to strangers is not allowed in the facility and there is usually an An Anchor manager to provide assistance or information.

You will find a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. You will have a barbecue where you can prepare local produce, tasty and with a taste that will please the whole family.

Le Ancore holidays home
The structure Le Ancore

The Holiday Home Le Ancore is very careful to provide the right support for those traveling with children because we know how complicated and tedious it can be. We want you to enjoy the holiday just for the pleasure of having lived it, guaranteeing you the freedom to live in the privacy of an apartment, the freedom to not give up on your habits and timetables and the tranquility of finding the conveniences you are accustomed to.

Costs and reservations

All rates are clear and without surprises, at the time of booking you will know exactly how much you will spend.

To book just click on the “bookings” page, enter the check in dates, check out and the number of people (adults and children) by clicking the “search” button.

For each accommodation you will be able to read the features and the price per night. Once you find the one you like, just click the “book now” button, you will be transferred to the form to enter your details and pay.

You can select two additional services: the house and bathroom linen * and the beach package, which includes two sun loungers and an umbrella. As you can see, this is two extras whose cost is very convenient.

* Bed linen for 2 people is included in the price. For extra guests, it is available at an additional cost.

Please note that we only accept bookings for full weeks, with check in and check out on Saturdays.

What to do in the neighborhood

In the area you can find the spas (they give the name to Terme Vigliatore), the charming and characteristic village of Milazzo with its castle and lighthouse. You will have the opportunity to stroll through the archaeological area of the ancient Greek town of Tyndaris or the Marinello nature reserve. If you want, you will be able to discover the volcanic islands of the Aeolian Islands and many other places where you can bring the children, while having fun and giving you the chance to discover many interesting things.

Sicily offers numerous solutions that meet every interest or trend. For example, you can visit Norman, Greek or Aragonese castles. You can spend wonderful days discovering naturalistic oases or attending performances in theaters that have been in operation for more than 26 centuries.

The Greek theater of Tindari - Le Ancore
The Greek theater of Tindari

You can take advantage of the occasion to discover our typical dishes, tasting them in the many restaurants in the area or trying to prepare them in our kitchens. To this end, we publish each month several recipes and tips to allow even the less experienced, to cook excellent recipes of our tradition.

In the “Around” section you will find some tips to enrich your holidays. We will inform you of some offers and services that you can take advantage of in the area. If you do not find what you are looking for, try to contact us.

The Holiday Home Anchors can advise you on the best places to go out for an evening with kids or times where it is better not to stay in the sun. In short, for any request you can write to: info@leancore.eu.


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