The village of Milazzo: history, culture and flavours

Milazzo info

Tourist information channel on Milazzo and surroundings. a valuable channel to be kept under observation to find out what is happening in the area of Milazzo. Publishes information, advice, events, discounts and more for tourists. Milazzo is located on the North coast of Sicily, about 40 km from Messina and about 20 from the anchors. Milazzo history can be traced back to the earliest human settlements of Neolithic age (4,000 b.c.), has always been an important settlement. This whole thing has left several tracks, some of them held by the antiquarian archeology. Milazzo is a real bonus for many tourists, as indeed can be a large number of villages in the whole of Sicily. Milazzo has something more, the pleasant nightlife mainly concentrated in summer. Beautiful places to spend pleasant evenings, walking along the narrow streets, beautiful views from the headland. In short, a place that can not miss in your experiences in Sicily. Don’t miss an opportunity to taste here and there the best of local cuisine, with special attention to fish dishes, traditional or reinvented but consistently excellent.

The castle

strong profile of milazzo A separate discussion is dedicated to the Castle, a superb example of military engineering. Some Greek fortifications began to increase with time. What remains today is an imposing structure and extended, almost completely open and home to various events. A destination for walkers, is one that runs along the trail along the tip of the promontory, ending at the lighthouse. A beautiful location with wonderful view of the Bay and the Aeolian Islands. The harbour ferries leave for the Aeolian Islands and other ports. The islands devoted to Aeolus, the God of the winds, are the perfect destination for a day trip to nature. You can dedicate a day to visit a (quite small). What are you waiting to go? The anchors is located halfway between Milazzo and Tindari, another place not to be missed and we will write soon.

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