Holidays with children

holidays with children in Sicily

Nice start with the whole family for a nice vacation but …

Everyone has experience about: two children aboard, the strapless car and half of the travel realize that you have forgotten something essential.

It’s great to bring your kids on holiday, leave and spend a few days away from a tiny apartment and a city full of smog or noise. A few days to the sea relax the mood of all and help the physicist to refresh. Holidays with children must be a pleasure.

Difficulty of holidays with children

You choose a nice place to stay, maybe with a nice view and away from the confusion. They check out a thousand deals to pick the best we can afford and book. Well, just keep doing something before you can exclaim: “Get started!” The luggage.

holidays with children

Those who have children know how many things they need, unfortunately are cumbersome and space is not infinite. Highchair, toddler, some beach game can already crash even the tallest luggage. And the suitcases?

Maybe you can already find everything we need! It would be a dream for many to be able to arrive after a nice journey, to find a spacious and full of light that awaits us. The dream is turned into fairytale if we also find the mounted cot, the high chair and the ready-made milk.

Apartment full equipped for baby

Here, this is exactly what you can expect to rent one of our apartments

We are organized for families, by now we are our regular audience. We are chosen for the security of the structure and at the same time for the freedom and independence you can enjoy. Parking is a couple of meters from the entrance, so you do not have to struggle to unload your luggage and you always have the car at your fingertips and view. Holidaying with kids will be less tiring, it will only have the pleasure of sharing them.

best beach for children in Sicily

We have some of the beaches considered the best in Sicily for children, right in front of our villas. You do not have to walk for more than 50 meters to get to the sea. No long trails and under the sun with children in your arms. On the beach, on request, you will also find sun loungers and parasols ready. Free children as never before because there is no confusion.

Living room Carma 1

At home you will find everything you need to cook as you like, you will not have to make a thousand requests to have what you feel essential. The kitchens are new and functional, like the rest of the apartments, all recently renovated. You will not find things touched by 1000 people before you. Families on holiday with children are our regular audience, we know how to host them.

All this at an absolutely convenient cost, as you can see. We have a few clear voices and no extra surprises.

We are waiting for you!

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