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Le Ancore is located close to several areas of natural interest. The main goals are: the natural reserve of Fiumedinisi and Mount Scuderi, the natural reserve of Malabotta wood, the Nebrodi regional park and especially those that are hosted on the Aeolian Islands.

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Le Ancore hiking

The service is operated by a nature guide Pro, admitted to practice in accordance with art. 4 L.R. 18.7.1989, n° 41. The service is available with an early request with the booking of a stay at our houses. This year will be dedicated especially to the Aeolian Islands, the most characteristic of the region and Unesco.

The Aeolian Islands are reached by hydrofoil or ferry from Milazzo, the trekking will take place on the island demanded. The hiking have a duration of one day, the return is scheduled in the evening. The tours are designed to discover the natural beauty, which in these places are endless. You will be enchanted by the stunning views of the crystal clear waters or volcanic, unique and unforgettable. You can observe flora and fauna and especially the geology, so interesting and evident in this area.

Discover the home of the God of the winds Aeolus. To him is named the archipelago, traditionally the site of breezes. Thanks to these winds the ancient Greeks plied the Tyrrhenian Sea since the VII century b.c. The small islands were an important landing place, especially Stromboli with its active volcanism, uninterrupted for at least 2000 years, constituted a natural lighthouse.


  • The tour will be made only in favorable weather conditions, on the discretion of the nature guide.
  • The climate of the Aeolian Islands is excellent, the breeze cools the temperature but in summer you don’t mess with the heat.
  • We recommend an abundant use of sunscreen and appropriate clothing to prevent burns. Hikes in other areas, are available only in advance. Enquire now!

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