Hiking on the island of Vulcano

escursioni all'isola di vulcano

We present the timetable for hiking on the island of Vulcano. You can read the route characteristics here. The hiking will be guided by a professional naturalistic guide, qualified for the tourist profession in respect to the art. 4 L.R. 18/7/1989 No. 41.

It is very important for us to leave in the hands of a qualified professional the safety and responsibility of our guests.

Timetable of the hiking on the island of Vulcano

Data Escursione Departure from Milazzo* Return to Milazzo*
July 9 Vulcano 9:40 17:10
July 12 Vulcano 9:40 17:10
July 18 Vulcano 9:40 17:10
July 21 Vulcano 7:00 15:10

The paths are easy and accessible to everyone, but the following points must be met:

  • You must wear sneakers or walking shoes. It is not advisable walk on the route by wearing only sandals or beach shoes.
  • You must wear a hat and have a sunscreen.
  • It is necessary to carry a proper stock of water (preferably 1 liter and not more so as not to get tired).

The route path is also accessible to the youngest (from 4 years old), but parents know if children walking are tired soon. In this case, to allow everyone to reach the summit of the volcano, it is the adult’s responsibility to have the tools to bring the children with them. We recommend the use of baby carrier backpacks.

The cost for excursions to the island of Vulcano is 150 € for groups up to 6 people, for groups of up to 25 € / person. Ferry tickets are the responsibility of the participants.

Hiking on the island of Vulcano

The decision on the feasibility of the excursion is an indisputable guide to driving. Other impediments can be charged to transport or the climate, which of course we can not be held responsible.

* Departure and arrival times may change depending on availability of seats on hydrofoils.

Liberty lines hydrofoil - Le Ancore
Liberty lines – hydrofoils service

The sea crossing from Milazzo to Vulcano will be carried on board the hydrofoil Liberty Lines.

Good fun!

To request the service, fill in the form below, thank you.

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