Beach games for children: educating while having fun

Beach games

Beach games for kids

We continue the series of game to occupy the time of children when they are at the beach. This kind of activity can help improve the perception of the environment around him and the coordination of movements.

We can enjoy one of the best beaches for kids in Sicily, as officially recognised by the region, we try to take advantage of some features. The suggested activities are suitable for children aged 2 years and above and suggested by professionals in the science of education.

The sand changes colour

We take some sand surface (the driest) and water in a bucket. Pour the sand in front of the baby and let us ask him to define its color. Then we begin to wet a part and let us ask him again what color has become. Will understand as well that the same material can assume different aspects while retaining the same characteristics. In our case the sand from a light grey, off white, it just gets darker, to tend to a very dark grey.

Beach games for kids-the anchors

Sand castles

This is one of the most classic games and can involve the whole family. There are no rules, just build the forms or structures according to the imagination and skill of participants. We recommend using wet sand because it has a capacity of greater cohesion. You can use a cooler to make constructions of regular shape, use your hands to pile up the sand and build a wall, dig a moat around the Castle, creating openings for drain water and so on. You can also use it as an excuse to invent stories set in the building which we are building and so on, there are no limits to the possibilities and the degree of enjoyment of children. The important thing is to ask the children to participate actively in the work.

Beach games for kids-the anchors

Recognize shapes

Is among the beach games for kids that are easier to achieve. Let’s plow the sand to create a smooth surface and flat. With his fingers tracing the forms, the child must strain in them or give a name. As soon as you have guessed, we can repeat with another subject. This helps the child’s ability of abstraction and identification. Older children from 3 years on, we can ask to have them draw something and be us to recognize the subject. This reversal of roles help little to strive to achieve complete drawings and understandable.

Beach games for kids-the anchors

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In the coming days we will present other games.

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