The first day of school and the holiday tale

primo giorno di scuola

Le Ancore is a family-friendly facility. The features that allow us to maintain this goal can be described with a short story. We leave the word to Giulio who will tell us the point of view of a child.

The first day of school has always been one of the hardest. All my friends tell of their vacations. Whoever it was from grandparents, who at home in the mountains, all enjoyed themselves except me. Always go on holiday at the seaside, in theory it should be nice but each time we have a long journey in the car, full because we need so many things. We have to bring the baby bed for the little brother, the high chair for me, the beach games and the house things we rent. We spend so much time preparing the start and at the end of the day mom and dad are nervous, we start with the long muzzle and I’m bored even more because nobody speaks.

The old holiday home

When we arrive it is late but we have to prepare everything, unloading the luggage from the car with so much effort because parking is far from home. Mommy has to find the things to eat that we’ve taken while the dad tries to mount the bed in a hurry, before the little brother ends the baby bottle.

Old holidays home - Le Ancore

We go to sleep late and bad because I do not like that bed, it smells weird like the whole house. Mommy says it’s because it’s always closed. But in the morning we go to the sea and the dad must bring the deck chair, umbrella, towels and all the games while mom has the little brother in the arm. We have to walk so much to get to the beach and we are already tired. But I go to work because I’m going to play on the shore. But Mom blames me right away because with all the people she is, she does not see me anymore and she is scared. Then I have to go back to the shadows and stay there.

Then comes the time to eat, we have to disassemble everything and take it away, get home and use those old pots that we find at home. This every day and I enjoy little because the house is small and I have no space. That is why I do not have good things to tell about the first day of school.

The new holiday home

This year, however, I will tell you many beautiful things because we have changed the holiday home called the Anchors. We left with the half empty car because mom said we’d all found it in the new home. Daddy did not get tired and so we left all cheerful. The trip seemed shorter but we were the same late. We parked very close and did not get tired to bring everything inside. This time the cot had already been fitted and Mom had prepared dinner right away because the kitchen was nice and with everything she needed.

The first day at school - Le Ancore

In the morning I woke up well because I liked the bed. Then we went to the sea that was really close! We got there for a minute and there were very few people so my mom could look at me from afar and I could play where I wanted.

At lunch time, we left everything on the beach and went to the home of the very good things the dad said they were just here. After lunch I could play in the veranda that is like staying at home but you’re out there, and there were so many flowers. Then we went back to the sea again. So for the whole holiday and I was so sorry to leave but I was happy because this time I will tell you so many beautiful things on the first day of school.


We used a child tone to describe in a light tone the features that distinguish family services.

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