Choose Le Ancore™ for the holiday of your family in 2020

Why choose Italy, Sicily and Le Ancore™ for your family holidays also in 2020? Let’s say you have no reason not to come …

Let’s see together why Le Ancore™ are the best place to spend wonderful moments with your children even for summer 2020.

Children on holiday

Children at Le Ancore®

We are inside a walled complex inside which access to outsiders is not allowed. The beach on which our houses are built is indicated as one of the best and safest for children.

Free access to the beach, a sea without dangers and the avenues within Le Ancore® make you feel protected but not locked up. Children free to move and parents calm.

The Carma apartments

Our apartments are equipped with all the essential accessories for today’s families. If yours has special needs, ask how much you need and we will be happy to do everything possible.

You will find air-conditioned rooms, bright rooms, renovated and well-kept furnishings, all the essentials for your comfort and all just a few steps from the beach.


Attractions nearby

You can visit the Milazzo fort, an example of centuries-old military architecture. You can visit the archaeological park of Tindari or spend a wonderful day at the protected oasis of its lakes.

You can take a trip to the pool of Venus and take advantage of the unique experience of swimming in a mythological place. You can leave for a mini cruise to the Aeolian islands or go to the spa.

Excellent places to eat typical dishes or buy them to put our recipes into practice, perhaps by cooking outdoors.

Everything close to Le Ancore®!


There is a lot of attention on Covid-19, especially in Italy and this makes ours one of the safest countries in the world against this new virus.

Italy is the country that performs the most checks at European level and this is the reason why more infected people have been identified than in other European countries. It is because we have conducted large-scale exams, exams not performed in many other countries.

Italy was the only country that had the courage to take serious measures to stem the infection, no one else to date has shown so much commitment.

Our health system has proven to be able to effectively treat cases from other countries and in addition, it is free. Italian medical research has proven to be at the forefront of having Covid-19 first.

All this will allow you and your family a safer holiday than many other countries, despite the natural Italian attitude to melodrama and precisely on this topic, do not miss the opportunity to participate in the opera music program at the Greek theater in Tindari. ?

Author: Le Ancore

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