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Bambini in vacanza - Le Ancore

You know, if the kids are fine, the whole family is okay. All parents found themselves in the situation of hearing their children complain about wanting to come home. “I do not want to stay here” is a phrase you will not hear if you are on holiday at Le Ancore.

Smaller guests are the most important

We invest many resources for the wellbeing of children. We offer a lot of services dedicated to small guests and we have plenty of room for them to play, all inserted into a protected structure. Children on holiday must be serene and well cared for.

Why do kids have fun at Le Ancore?

As soon as they arrive they find everything they need: cot, high chair, cutlery and a thousand other cautions. When they resume their journey, they will not be able to withstand the desire of the first bath. For them is available the beach, defined by the Sicily Region as one of the best on which to bring the children. You will have it for your entire stay in Le Ancore.

Play and relax

Of course, you can not stay all day on the beach or in the water, so we have created a shaded area where you can play it outdoors. It is located right in front of the beach, the pleasant sea breeze makes it a pleasant place to spend hours of leisure. The evening is lit by lampshades, as well as all the inner driveways.

Area gioco e relax - Le Ancore
Games and relax area

In addition to the game areas, there are other areas to refresh. Small gardens, verandas and outdoor showers. Children on holiday also need to make new experiences and change habits. To change the usual trance, even an outdoor shower, ensuring the right privacy, can be a nice novelty.

Security and wellness

Let’s just let small distractions have serious consequences. We all know how small children can be fast. We have installed fixed and mobile security devices to prevent them from escaping from the apartments without the presence of an adult.

 - Le Ancore

Even inside the apartments there are security against the “escapes” of the little ones. Also the structure is fully enclosed, the only passages are the entrance and the beach.

Children on holiday

Often the children are not used to staying warm or exposed to the sun, so it is important that they can find the coolness to rest and refresh. You can choose our air-conditioned apartments where you will enjoy the pleasure of being flooded with light but without the heat.

Beach and sea

About beach, there are both bathing facilities and free areas. The bay of Oliveri offers many miles of beaches, which is why they are usually not very crowded. The presence of few people and no obstacles to the visuals allow you to keep children under control without forcing them to move around. Le Ancore is located on a beachside, it is free access and always available. Read our tips for beach games.

We offer our guests the “Beach Package”. Allows you to take advantage of an umbrella and two sun loungers for the duration of your stay. It is required with the reservation at the fixed rate of 20 €.

Lettini ed ombrellone - Le Ancore


Children on holiday have different needs from adults. For them we have cutlery set and unbreakable and safe cutlery. They are smaller than normal and beveled tips. A little help at the meal time that for many children is sometimes difficult.

Children on holiday

In the area you can easily find all the ingredients to put our recipes into practice and involve the whole family in preparation. The kitchens you will find in our apartments are new and equipped with everything you can, without the boredom of bringing it home.

There are also barbecues to be cooked outdoors. A humorous and entertaining moment, corroborated by the new flavors that must be part of the experiences of children on holiday.

Barbecue - Le Ancore

Alternatively, if you want to take a break from the stove, you can always spend pleasant evenings in the many locals in the area, ready to welcome families. Pizzerias, restaurants, home delivery or takeaway, all able to offer exquisite dishes that will remain in the memory for a long time.

Boredom? Never

When you just do not want to play, the place now has no more corners to discover and it’s too early to go to the sea, you do not get bored anyway. Within a short distance there are fantastic and safe places to accompany the children. A trip to the fantastic archaeological park of Old Tyndaris, to the enormous castle of Milazzo or Marinello lakes, distracts even the most bored child.

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Alternatively, we also offer the opportunity to take part in short excursions to the Aeolian Islands. They are all walks of course, including children, organized by a professional guide. Read the paths and dates here.

Children in the tradition of Le Ancore

We have a long experience in managing young guests. By now, there are 3 generations that are happening in Le Ancore’s management and the next is growing, ready to give us the change. We have always considered this the right place to grow our children, the same security we would like to convey to you all.

After so much time and attention, we learned to understand and solve the many problems that children on holiday can encounter. Come and spend pleasant moments of relaxation and fun with the whole family, discovering a corner of Sicily.

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