What to do on holiday in Sicily? Here’s what could be a typical day

First of all welcome to Le Ancore™, you booked an apartment on the beach and you are happy with how you found it, just like the pictures on the web.

If you still don’t know what to do on holiday in Sicily, we see how you could go any day of your next summer.

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Book your next holiday to Le Ancore ®

We are worn out by the gloomy and cold days in winter, at such times it is easy to get lost between tropical dreams or memories of fine Sicilian summers.

Book your next holidayDon’t remain a daydream, turn it into reality. We have many surprises ready to welcome you. Book your next holiday to Le Ancore®.

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Le Ancore suitable for children but not only. Welcome guys!

Le Ancore offers many services for children, but aren’t the only guests to whom we dedicate attentions. The teens siblings can find entertainment and fun during the holiday in our apartments.

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Hiking on the island of Vulcano

We present the timetable for hiking on the island of Vulcano. You can read the route characteristics here. The hiking will be guided by a professional naturalistic guide, qualified for the tourist profession in respect to the art. 4 L.R. 18/7/1989 No. 41.

It is very important for us to leave in the hands of a qualified professional the safety and responsibility of our guests.

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Cooking recipes for holiday: swordfish rolls

We continue the series of recipes from the Sicilian tradition. This also has a low level of difficulty. Even the less able cooks can try this test, with great chances of being able to prepare a very tasty and certainly effective dish. It will be fun to prepare this recipe by involving the whole family, especially for children.

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Beach games for children: educating while having fun

Beach games for kids

We continue the series of game to occupy the time of children when they are at the beach. This kind of activity can help improve the perception of the environment around him and the coordination of movements.

We can enjoy one of the best beaches for kids in Sicily, as officially recognised by the region, we try to take advantage of some features. The suggested activities are suitable for children aged 2 years and above and suggested by professionals in the science of education.

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Cooking holiday recipes: pasta alla Norma

We thought of suggesting Sicilian tradition recipes. They are easy to prepare and rich in flavor. They are family-friendly and fun to prepare all together. All ingredients are easily available nearby*. For the first recipe we chose “pasta alla Norma”.

Book a stay in our apartments, it will be an even more rich and unforgettable holiday.

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Beach games

Children’s beach games

Kids are among our most welcome guests, in this post and in the coming, let’s give you some idea of what they can do on the beach. Our apartments are just a few meters from the sea, so the activities to be done on the sand are those with which you spend a lot of time. Here are some tips for all ages, on advice from professionals in science education.

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