Book your holiday house 2021

Regions vary restrictions and concessions all the time, in all this uncertainty we want to give you security. Book your holiday home in Le Ancore ® with peace of mind, in case you can’t leave we guarantee free cancellation until May 15th *.

* Deducted the commission fees imposed by the online payment system

The 2021 holidays and the lock down

At the moment it is not possible to be sure that this summer we can move more or less freely. Booking a holiday could be a risk but not at Le Ancore®. Recent events have shown us 3 possible cases:

  1. You can come without restrictions.
  2. You can come but you will have to go through a preventive quarantine period.
  3. You can not come.

Let’s begin to consider the first case. No problem, you and your family will be welcome guests of Le Ancore®, you can take advantage of the comforts of our apartments on the beach.

In the second case, once you arrive in Sicily you will have to communicate where you will spend your stay. In the location that you will indicate (Le Ancore®), you will have to stay for a specific period, you will spend it making your beach holidays serenely.

The only annoyance will be that you will not be able to go and visit the places in the surrounding area, but if the sea and the beach are enough for you, you are in the right place.

In the third case, we consider that until now the limitations for the periods of greatest tourist interest have always been communicated well in advance. Book your 2021 holiday home in Le Ancore®, in case you can’t leave, send us the cancellation by May 15th we will refund you the deposit minus the commission costs (about 10%).

In the worst case scenario, by booking a stay with us and not being able to leave due to the limitations related to COVID, you will only lose about ten euros. By doing a simulation, imagine that you have decided on a stay corresponding to 600 €, to register your reservation you will send us 20% or 120 €. In the remote case you should send the cancellation, we will refund you 108 €. You will only have to tell us the IBAN to which the amount will be credited back.

Health safety in the holiday home

Compared to many other tourist facilities, holiday homes offer many advantages. First of all, we proceed to sanctification at each change of guests, so you will find everything disinfected when you enter your apartment.

There are no shared areas that allow for gatherings or staff entering the rooms where your family lives. Even in areas with free access such as the beach, there is no crowding. The Gulf of Patti is a very long beach, there is room for everyone!

Even for the youngest, Le Ancore® allows a high degree of safety. The structure is completely fenced, access to the road is closed by a gate and only the exit to the beach remains available.

Barriers are available for the little ones, so you can enjoy the sea breeze, without fear that the children might sneak out of the apartment.

Safety indoor

Each apartment has a veranda for those on the ground floor and a large terrace for those on the first floor. In all cases, you will have an outdoor area available in which to carry out your activities.

All you have to do is reserve a space for your family in our structure. Book your holiday home while we still have availability, we are receiving many requests, do not delay!

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Summer 2020 the safe holiday home for families

Le Ancore™ has always paid particular attention to families. After the lockdown for the Covid-19 emergency, new rules have been decided to apply for the safety of guests, which are not new to us: sufficient space, hygiene, sanitation. To this we add: safety, fun and comfort.

We take guest safety very seriously, we have covered it many times in our articles. From a long tradition we have adopted every useful solution to make our holiday home safe for families. Here is a summary of how we will proceed in 2020.

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What to do on holiday in Sicily? Here’s what could be a typical day

First of all welcome to Le Ancore™, you booked an apartment on the beach and you are happy with how you found it, just like the pictures on the web.

If you still don’t know what to do on holiday in Sicily, we see how you could go any day of your next summer.

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Book your next holiday to Le Ancore ®

We are worn out by the gloomy and cold days in winter, at such times it is easy to get lost between tropical dreams or memories of fine Sicilian summers.

Book your next holidayDon’t remain a daydream, turn it into reality. We have many surprises ready to welcome you. Book your next holiday to Le Ancore®.

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10 tips to avoid scams on home holiday rentals

When searching for the perfect place for your next holiday, you will come across all kinds of deals. Some can be captivating and full of promise, particularly advantageous more until you find the one that can be considered ideal.

How can we be certain to find exactly what we were promised, after paying a deposit? Here are 10 quick tips to avoid scams of the holiday homes.

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We are ready for the season 2018

We are already looking forward to Le Ancore™ to the next season to make find our guests the customary comfort and something new, we’re working on. We thank those who have already chosen for the upcoming holidays, you do well to book early for a 2018 that promises very well.

We are already getting a lot of bookings, especially from friends in Northern Europe. Remember that you can keep in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google +.

Also for the 2018 you will find the apartments ready to welcome you with all services in order, the amenities of crockery, appliances and linens have been built or renovated.

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A beautiful summer spent to Le Ancore

We want to thank all the guests who have lived a beautiful summer spent to Le Ancore. We have enjoyed fantastic days spent between the beach and the cool of our apartments.

You told us of your experiences, shared amazement for what you saw during the excursions, sorrow for the departure. We are happy to have spent with you on vacation.

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From October we adopt flexible rules of reservation

Le Ancore promotes a new policy on reservation rules. We are attentive to the trends of the tourism industry and our region in particular. After analyzing the demands of our customers, we decided to adopt more flexible rules for appointments.

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