Beach games

Children’s beach games

Kids are among our most welcome guests, in this post and in the coming, let’s give you some idea of what they can do on the beach. Our apartments are just a few meters from the sea, so the activities to be done on the sand are those with which you spend a lot of time. Here are some tips for all ages, on advice from professionals in science education.

The pouring

It is an exercise devoted to younger children. It is about passing the contents of one container to another. Obviously being on the beach will use the sand. This practice serves the child to gain precision in movement and concentration skills. It is a game that can be made quiet under the umbrella, sheltered from the sun.

Beach games


Suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 4. You go with your parents on the seashore to look for flat stones of various sizes. Once you have collected the amount you think you need, you return to the umbrella and stack the stones. Obviously, the game becomes more difficult when the height is reached. The game serves to refine the motor skills, mental organization and integration of the design phase (abstract) with the practical one (action).

For children it is not so obvious that a small stone does not stably support a larger one. It is a conception to learn, maybe this summer on our beach.

Beach games


It is the game that involves parents and children, from 4 years up. It’s about hunting for the most beautiful or weird stones, the more round or square stones. In short, rules must not be defined to be entertained. You can go pigeon hunting (the stone floating), colored stones or those that look like marbles. An exercise that helps concentrate and improves reflexes.

This is an exercise that can also be done with water on the ankles, so to fool the weather up to the right time to bathe.

In the next posts we will suggest beach games for older children.

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