Also this year high quality of sea water at Le Ancore

As every year, the web site dedicated to sea water quality of the Italian Ministry of Health was updated. The sea facing Le Ancore was in excellent condition also in 2019. For our apartments on the beach, it is an essential factor to guarantee guests the best holidays.

Website of marine waters and the quality of the sea in Le Ancore

The state of the sea analyzed by the Ministry of Health can be consulted thanks to the site dedicated to bathing and to the analysis of marine waters of all Italian beaches.

By connecting to the website of the Waters and typing in the municipality of Terme Vigliatore, you will be connected to the dedicated pages where you can check that even this summer you will be able to spend a wonderful holiday with the certainty of being able to swim in a clean sea.

alta qualità delle acque

You will find that the entire Gulf of Patti is outlined by a reassuring green line representing unpolluted waters. You can click in the section affected by Le Ancore and see the analysis.

For convenience, we report the results for 2019 (available in Italian only). For the sake of brevity we can confirm that you can be even more relaxed when you see children playing on the shoreline.

alta qualità delle acque 2019 per il mare di Le Ancore

We can see that none of the critical issues has been overcome. All values are contained in the normal state of an unpolluted sea. Let’s now look at what could be seasonal weaknesses, or those that could occur during the season but not yet detected.

Alta qualità delle acque marine 2019 per Terme Vigliatore - Le Ancore

Also for this aspect we confirm the high quality of the marine waters in Le Ancore. We are very sensitive to the safety of our guests, especially for the little ones. We are aware of how much we care about them and we want to give parents the certainty that they will feel good about us, from every point of view.

The beach is among those indicated by the Sicily Region as one of the safest for children. In addition to this advantage we can also be safe for water where they will have fun bathing.

Don’t wait any longer to book the next vacation for your family, an excellent climate awaits you, all the comforts of our apartments and much more. Check out our news to know what you can do in the surroundings and integrate your holiday with many different experiences. We are waiting for you!

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