A beautiful summer spent to Le Ancore

a beautiful summer in Le Ancore

We want to thank all the guests who have lived a beautiful summer spent to Le Ancore. We have enjoyed fantastic days spent between the beach and the cool of our apartments.

You told us of your experiences, shared amazement for what you saw during the excursions, sorrow for the departure. We are happy to have spent with you on vacation.

The beach was the main attraction for all of you, and in fact it is rare to find such a convenience. But a beautiful summer spent to Le Ancore can mean incomplete without the experiences that we invite you always give it a try.

Mythological visits in summer

Some of you had to dive among the myths that are still alive in the region. Especially those who participated in the walks to volcano, the fearsome God of fire, and wonderful island, he was moved when he visited the pool of Venus, the enchanting Bay of Milazzo Cape. We tried the power of Mythology in the places where she was born and still seems to breathe after nearly 3 millennia.

History in Culture on holiday

Others of you, they preferred to visit the Archaeological Park of Tindari, little known to the general public but able to excite visitors. There are those who chose to go there in the evening to enjoy the shows at the Greek Theatre, some people preferred the day to experience the thrill of walking the streets of 2500 years ago.

Almost everyone has had some lovely evening with locals of Milazzo, a pretty town with a lively nightlife. Maybe coming back the next day to visit the imposing fortress overlooking the city, a powerful example of military engineering, now home to numerous cultural events.

A beautiful summer spent in relaxation

Each of you could enjoy the comfort of our apartments. You could relax took advantage of the many local products to prepare our recipes, having fun with a barbecue, rested at the pleasant coolness of air conditioning or perhaps taking advantage of the solarium.

No one has been able to resist the pleasure of a dip in the sea. Le Ancore are located on what is considered one of the best beaches for kids, and not just for children. The older kids have found soccer fields and men are just a few meters from our apartments. All on a big sea the water transparent, clean and full of life.

I mean, everyone has had a beautiful summer in Le Ancore. Next year you could be in it! What are you waiting to book?

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