10 tips to avoid scams on home holiday rentals

When searching for the perfect place for your next holiday, you will come across all kinds of deals. Some can be captivating and full of promise, particularly advantageous more until you find the one that can be considered ideal.

How can we be certain to find exactly what we were promised, after paying a deposit? Here are 10 quick tips to avoid scams of the holiday homes.

Pay via the internet always presents some risk, especially if we have to pay money to those who don’t know. Let’s see how to take cover and avoid scams on vacation homes, saving your deserved vacation.

avoid scams on holiday rentals-Anchors
Example of scams on holiday rentals
  1. It is best to prefer found offers on sites like HomeAway, Homelidays, Booking, etc. Often these systems call for the verification of certain features to publish a tourist facility, so as to secure their users.
  2. Used price comparison portals also exist for tourism, such as Holidu or TripAdvisor. In addition to finding the cheapest rates, you are sure that the ads are real. To be reproduced on these sites, the apartments must be published on other sites such as those in paragraph 1, provide the same guarantees.
  3. Be wary of offers found on free ad sites, forums or groups. It is precisely in these areas that we find the largest number of scams on rentals. There are many cases that occur on these ads for the lack of controls and guarantees.
  4. Beware of anyone who asks you to pay a charge on any charge card. Money transfers must always be traceable and with the maximum degree of transparency. Don’t mess with the money!
  5. If an offer is too much to be true, it probably isn’t. Best to avoid rates that deviate too much from the facilities that offer similar types. Fraudulent ads often offer unbeatable prices to attract attention.

    Rules to avoid scams on holiday rentals-Anchors
    Example of scams on holiday rentals
  6. Make sure that the advertisement to which you want to respond, both accompanied by many photos, all consistent with each other. If you notice that in a photo the couch is Brown and another is grey, maybe not in the same House but found somewhere on the internet.
  7. Pay attention to details. Serious managers pay much attention to the description of the apartments. A brief description can be suspect.
  8. Look for reviews on apartments that interest you, maybe from sites like Yelp dealing right to offer this kind of information. More reviews are and the more you will be assured that the case really exist, besides knowing the opinions of those who have already been.
  9. If possible make sure owner data, like e-mail or phone as being the same as that found on other ads. It may happen that some scammers to publish advertisements of Royal apartments, copying them from those they find on the web and replace references with their owners. For example, if you find the same apartment on TripAdvisor and Airbnb, be careful that the telephone number of reference is identical.
  10. Find the website beautiful facility that interests you, be a very valid warranty to avoid scams on rentals. No crook will take the trouble to create an entire website with photos, texts and payment system. All maybe 2 or 3 people to Rob, since the first cheated would immediately close the site from the police post.

Tips to avoid scams on holiday rentals-Anchors

If it’s already too late to avoid scams on holiday accommodation, what to do?

If in spite of so many extra touches you still be involved in any fraud, immediately reported to the authorities. Don’t look for a settlement agreement with the scammer, you are dealing with a cheater, will try to fool you again.

Some sites offer a kind of insurance against these risks and provide refunds. Like all insurance companies of the clauses and do not cover any case.

Normally to avoid scams on rentals, just check the reviews and avoid sites with ads are not guaranteed.

To avoid running into similar scams, there is an easy and very convenient to book Le Ancore-the House for your holidays in Sicily.

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